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Picture of the day: a woman and an elephant


Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the greatest number of votes as well as the language correctness.


And don't forget to correct your posts as suggested.



My example:

A ver... Pues, todas las muelas parecen estar bien, señor.

Let's see... Well, all your molars seem to be fine, sir.


alt text

updated JUN 23, 2011
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posted by Issabela
Corregid mi español, por favor :)) - Issabela, MAR 10, 2010
It sounds better for me "parecen estar bien" - Zizoun, MAR 10, 2010
:) thanks again - Issabela, MAR 10, 2010
* - DJ_Huero, JUN 23, 2011

8 Answers


Tratamiento nuevo para arrugas faciales: la baba del elefante.

New treatment for facial wrinkles: elephant slobber.

updated MAR 12, 2010
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posted by LaBurra
jajaja it should be "baba de elefante" o "la baba del elefante"... you choose :) - Benz, MAR 10, 2010
jejje, esto es geniall de hecho en españa se ha puesto de moda baba de caracol, Jesus!! lol - 00494d19, MAR 10, 2010

Los elefantes gozan de 'los frutos secos. Estoy seguro de que ella califica.

Elephants enjoy nuts. I am sure that she qualifies. wink LOL LOL

updated MAR 11, 2010
edited by Nicole-B
posted by Nicole-B
You chose a hard one xD. nuts = 'los frutos secos' and qualify in this sentence works as "worth" in spanish. "Estoy seguro que ella puede valerle" (I'm sure she is ok for him) is an option. - Zizoun, MAR 10, 2010
hehehe, I just googled "tuerca" cause i was like..whaaaaat is that? Take a look Nicole :P http://www.amig.es/datos/fotos/1730/tuerca_hexagonal_din_934.gran.jpg .Don't think Elephants like those xDD - Alrisaera, MAR 10, 2010
Who looks like a "nut" now?....meeeeee! - Nicole-B, MAR 10, 2010
seguro de que - 00494d19, MAR 10, 2010
Gracias Heidi :) - Nicole-B, MAR 10, 2010
This is making me wonder...Do Spanish speaking people refer to crazy (loco) people as "nuts" like we do? - Nicole-B, MAR 10, 2010
not really, nicki, actually, your sentence is correct, but makes no sense i n Spanish. - 00494d19, MAR 10, 2010

Holaaaa! ¿ Estás ahí?

Hello! Are you there?

updated MAR 10, 2010
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posted by 002262dd

"Love an elefant is hard... especially when you have to give them a kiss"

"Amar a un elefante es difícil... especialmente cuando tienes que darles un beso" sick

updated MAR 10, 2010
posted by Zizoun
to love - 00494d19, MAR 10, 2010
elephant :) - Nicole-B, MAR 10, 2010
or "loving" - Izanoni1, MAR 10, 2010

An elephant coughing up a hairball

Un elefante devolviendo una bola de pelo.

updated MAR 10, 2010
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posted by Izanoni1
jejeje, devolviendo, toser hacia afuera does not exist - 00494d19, MAR 10, 2010

¿Pero por qué tenían que caerse aquí mis malditas llaves?

But why did my **** keys have to fall here?

updated MAR 10, 2010
posted by 005faa61
**** Damned - 005faa61, MAR 10, 2010

¿Puedo tragarla entera? Can I swallow her whole?

updated MAR 11, 2010
edited by fatchocobo
posted by fatchocobo
How about an "English" version for us "Native English" folks? - Rolest, MAR 10, 2010
tragarla entera... - Benz, MAR 10, 2010

I saw the front part,but behind.......

Yo ví la parte de delante, pero la de detras.....

updated MAR 10, 2010
posted by melipiru
I saw the front part, but it's the behind........? - praya, MAR 10, 2010
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