Is this the right translation: Cultivo una rosa blanca, en julio como en enero,

Is this the right translation: Cultivo una rosa blanca, en julio como en enero,


I am trying to translate this poem for a spanich class and I know this probaby isn't even close so I need some help...

Versos Sencillos por José Martí

Cultivo una rosa blanca, en julio como en enero, para el amigo sincero que me do su mano franca.

Y para el cruel que me arranca el corazón con que vivo, cardo ni ortiga cultivo: cultivo una rosa blanca.

Simple Verses by José Martí

I grow a white rose, in July as in January, for the sincere friend, that gives his free hand to me.

And the cruel I start the heart I live with, thistle or nettle grows: I grow a white rose.

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''que me do ?'' I think it should be que me dío :) - FELIZ77, SEP 26, 2011

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Since it's for a class I'll give you hints.

  1. I think you should look up "franca" and see if you can find a better translation for it.
  2. When you see the word "ni" the sentence is negative.
  3. If I were to say, "El viejo" I would mean "the old man", "la vieja" is "the old woman". When adjectives double as nouns you have to translate them with the noun included in English. "El feo" could be "the ugly man", "the ugly person", "someone ugly". So what would "El cruel" be?
  4. "me" isn't "I"
  5. Look up "arrancar"

Keep trying. I'll watch the question, in case you post another attempt.

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I don't really get what you mean on #2 and would el cruel be the cruel person? If so, it wouldn't really fit into the sentence - luv2laugh101, MAR 11, 2010
yes, "the cruel person" would be a good translation for "el cruel" here. It fits into the sentence when you fix the rest of the sentence. Did you look up arrancer? How about "para" in that sentence? - alba3, MAR 11, 2010
Great reponse Alba :) - FELIZ77, SEP 26, 2011

I cultivate a white rose In July as in January For the sincere friend Who gives me his hand frankly. And for the cruel person who tears out the heart with which I live, I cultivate neither nettles nor thorns: I cultivate a white rose.

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