Need to find spanish immersion school in Polanco, Mexico City Mexico

Need to find spanish immersion school in Polanco, Mexico City Mexico


Need to find spanish immersion school in Polanco, Mexico City Mexico. It has to be near or walking distance from Av. Presidente Masaryk No. 29-3 Col. Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico, 11570. Or even they have a camp or summer program for children.

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Is this school for a child or an adult? There are several language programs nearby in the Colonia Juárez (Zona Rosa, etc.) which is only about 10 minutes away via public transportation. You might also look in the Colonia Anzures, which is just a 5-minute walk down Mazaryk on the other side of Mariano Escobedo (the street the Camino Real Hotel is on). You'll know it's the Colonia Anzures because all of the streets are named after famous authors (Shakespeare, Tenison, Emerson, etc.). I'm sure there are several in Polanco as well, though they will most likely cost significantly more. Try contacting the membership department of the AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico) at Lucerna 78 in the Colonia Juárez and ask them if they have any Spanish language schools on their membership roster that are located in the Polanco area. You could try these: 1. Centro de Idiomas Polanco - has all kinds of language programs (Spanish, French, German, English, etc.) They're located at Campos Elíseos 107 in Polanco (between the streets of Hegel and Lope de Vega). Their phone number, if calling from the US is (01-52-55) 5254-15-66 2. Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros - Polanco (must be 18) Offers 8 levels of Spanish, 75 hours each/ Thirty (2 1/2-hr) sessions, 2 to 4 times a week. For information call Ana Lidia Escobar (011-52-55) 5254-03-13. 3. Instituto Angloamericano - Polanco. For information e-mail to info@angloamericano.com.mx or call (011-52-55) 5395-67-79 4. If at all possible, I would recommend you get out of Mexico City for a few weeks and go to Cuernavaca, where there are many great intensive language schools. I attended the following school years ago (too many ago to be able to give it a recommendation today, but at the time it was fantastic! I believe it's still run by the same people) http://www.cemanahuac.com/ Cemanahuac Educational Community, San Juan #4, Colonia Las Palmas, Cuernavaca, Morelos 52051. Phone: (011-52.777) 318.6407

By the way, I see that Cemanahuac recommends buying the following book before heading to Mexico: "Spanish Grammar for Independent Learners" (VIC Languages) I'm not familiar with it, but I had such an incredible experience with them that I'll pass it along.They say this is an excellent reference book, which presents Spanish grammar in a simple way, with easy-to-follow explanations in English. They also provide the following link to buy it at a special promotional discount: http://store.yahoo.com/cgi-bin/clink?yhst-61477437456486+y4a9wR+in

Hope this helps. Cheers (y buena suerte)

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