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Picture of the day: I feel like reading something


Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the greatest number of votes as well as the language correctness.


And don't forget to correct your posts as suggested.



My example:

Esto ocurre cuando un lector es un pesado.

This is what happens when a reader is a bore.


alt text

updated JUN 23, 2011
edited by Issabela
posted by Issabela
Corregid mi español, por favor :)) - Issabela, MAR 3, 2010
Esto ocurre? - Mokay, MAR 3, 2010
Don't take this as a correction, I'm only wondering...should it be "Esto es lo que ocurre..."? - webdunce, MAR 3, 2010
Does it sound better in Spanish "eso ocurre cuando" or "esto ocurre cuando"? I'd bet on eso, but my level on Spanish doesn't actually allow betting ;) - Issabela, MAR 3, 2010
What does "etso" mean? Did you imply "esto"? - Fidalgo, MAR 3, 2010
aaa, thanks Fidalgo :) esto, but I think I'll stay with "eso" anyway ;) - Issabela, MAR 3, 2010
mokay suggested esto, issa, you are always doubting natives, not a good idea to learn - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010
No, she had esto already when Mokay added his comment, which appeared to doubt issa's word choice because of the question mark. - webdunce, MAR 3, 2010
so?? esto is the word to use, as mokay has pointed out - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010
done - thanks for your help :) - Issabela, MAR 3, 2010
* - DJ_Huero, JUN 23, 2011

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¡Ja, ja, nuestro disfraz ha funcionado... hormigas al ataque!

Ha ha, our disguise has worked...ants, attack!

updated MAR 4, 2010
edited by aloshek
posted by aloshek
ha funcionado, al ataque - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010
Could it also be ¡Hormigas, ataquen! ? I think she was going for imperative. - webdunce, MAR 3, 2010
yes, right web, but al ataque is a command too - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010
I haven't had time to nail down command/imperative form yet. Thanks for the help! - aloshek, MAR 3, 2010

Having watched auto makers do it for years, the book publishers start making shoddy products, too.

Porque han visto durante años que los fabricantes de automóviles lo hacen, también los editores empiezan a hacer productos chapuceros.

updated MAR 4, 2010
edited by webdunce
posted by webdunce
Hemos visto durante años que los fabricantes... empiezan...pacotilla - melipiru, MAR 3, 2010
the word you are looking for is "productos chapuceros" - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010
Thanks for the corrections. Is it okay, now? - webdunce, MAR 3, 2010
I know it wasn't clear in my first sentence, but I intend han visto to refer to the publishers, not us (Mi versión original estuvo tan mal) - webdunce, MAR 3, 2010
no, look at meli's corrections - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010

Si vas a dormir, nosotros vamos a almorzar. ¡Vamos, chicos!

If you're going to sleep, we're going to have lunch. Come on, guys!

updated MAR 4, 2010
posted by chicasabrosa
eje, good one - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010

Lamentablamente, a causa de la "internet" se dicen que el libro impreso está muriendo lentamente. downer ¿Qué te parece?

(Sadly, because of the "internet" they say that print is slowly dying. What do you think?)

Any help appreciated - especially with the word "print" - gracias.

updated MAR 4, 2010
edited by nonombre
posted by nonombre
que el libro impreso or la impresión. - melipiru, MAR 3, 2010

No puedo leer en la cama porque cuándo tengo mucho sueño, las letras parecen resbalar de la página.

I cannot read in bed because when I am very sleepy, the letters seem to slip off the page.

updated MAR 3, 2010
edited by LaBurra
posted by LaBurra
Qué increíble!!! Yo sentí lo mismo cuando vi esta foto!!! :) - Benz, MAR 3, 2010
mucho sueño - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010

alt text

/                                            \ 

Superman siempre ha tenido problemas con la lectura debido a su visión de rayos X.

Superman always had trouble reading because of his X-ray vision.

updated MAR 3, 2010
posted by Rolest
Corregid mi español, por favor...¡Gracias! - Rolest, MAR 3, 2010
:) - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010

This is my magical book, it contains magical words like friendship.

Este es mi libro mágico,contiene palabras mágicas como...amistad.

updated MAR 3, 2010
posted by melipiru
:) - 00494d19, MAR 3, 2010

Newton descubre el "Ley de la Gravedad" mientras lee Kafka.

Newton discovers the Law of Gravity while reading Kafka.

updated MAR 4, 2010
posted by Aamos

Como hoy en día todo está hecho en China, los libros también se imprimen allá.

As everything today is made in China, books are also printed there.

updated MAR 3, 2010
posted by 005faa61
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