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Picture of the day: a visit at the vet's


Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the greatest number of votes as well as the language correctness.


And don't forget to correct your posts as suggested.



My example:

Mira, gatito. ¡Un perro tan grande y se pone histérico!

Look, kitty. Such a big dog and he's throwing a wobbly!


alt text

updated ABR 23, 2010
posted by Issabela
Corregid mi español, por favor :)) - Issabela, MAR 2, 2010
:) - 00494d19, MAR 2, 2010
A special picture :) - Fidalgo, ABR 15, 2010

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¿Qué vas a hacer? ¡De ningún modo! Los necesito para hacer cachorros!

You are going to do what? No way! I need those to make puppies!

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Jajajaja!!! - Issabela, MAR 2, 2010
Qué - Issabela, MAR 2, 2010
muy divertido!!! - galsally, MAR 2, 2010
Hilarious!! :D - Alrisaera, MAR 2, 2010
This would be hard to beat.:) - Yeser007, MAR 2, 2010
Impossible to top!!!!!!!!! It is so funny. - 005faa61, MAR 2, 2010
I'm not even going to attempt one; this is truly funny. - Aamos, MAR 2, 2010
No chance of beating this one. That's the first thing I thought of looking at the picture. But, I had to think of something... ;-) - chaparrito, MAR 2, 2010
:) :) :) - chicasabrosa, MAR 3, 2010
Wow, good answer :) - Fidalgo, ABR 23, 2010

¡¡¡¡¡¡Te lo dije!!!!! Estos no saben cómo curar a un perro-araña.

I told you!!!!!!!!These guy's don't know how to cure a spider-dog here.

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I told you! these guys; cómo - 00494d19, MAR 2, 2010

Pues, a mí parecer, es la cocina a dónde va. ¡Por eso tiene miedo! ¿No hay paises donde los perros estén en el menú?


Hey, it seems to me he's being pulled into the kitchen. That's why he's scared! Aren't there some countries where dogs are on the menu?

updated MAR 4, 2010
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posted by chaparrito
Seems a little fishy to me chapi...I've heard of B.Y.O.B., but I can't say that I've ever heard of B.Y.O.D......;) - Izanoni1, MAR 2, 2010
Si usted piensa que su mascota voluntario para este procedimiento, ¡estás loco! If you think your pet will volunteer for this procedure, you are crazy!
. .
Con corazones ardiente de Canadá With glowing hearts from Canada
El fiel, el norte, el fuerte y el libre Fidèle, nord, fort et libre
. The true, north, strong and free
Moe Moe
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posted by Moe

Eso da un nuevo significado al término "puerta para el perro"'

That gives new meaning to the term "doggy door".....

updated MAR 2, 2010
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puerta para el perro, makes no sense in spanish - 00494d19, MAR 2, 2010

¡Fido es tanto miedo a los gatos...

un manullido y saltó tres metros!

Fido is so afraid of cats…

one meow and he jumped three meters!

updated MAR 4, 2010
posted by Rolest

¡De ningún modo voy a hacer eso!

No way am I going to do that!

updated MAR 2, 2010
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posted by gloriadean

gatito dice: mama, yo odio esta la puerta nuevo. = cat says: mama, I hate this new door.

updated MAR 2, 2010
posted by 000031b1
el gatito dice: mamá, odio esta puerta nueva; the cat says... - Issabela, MAR 2, 2010

El gato: Supongo que el doctor no le haya curado. ¿Quizás debamos ir a otro doctor?

The cat: I guess the doctor did not cure him. Maybe we should go to another doctor?

updated MAR 2, 2010
posted by Kerri
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