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How do you say "Some films are so bad they are good"?


I am trying to say "these films are so bad they are good". Is this right?

"Algunas películas pueden ser definidas como ser tan malas que son buenas."

I know with the tan que in there it may sound like I am saying that the films "are more bad than they are good", which is what I am not trying to say.

Is there a better way of saying this?


updated MAR 7, 2010
posted by Mr_Goldman

2 Answers


Is this about "Star Wars" again?

I think your statement would give the thought you're trying to express, but I don't know if the irony of the expression would come across.

I would probably say "... son tan malas que me caen bien."

updated MAR 7, 2010
edited by CalvoViejo
posted by CalvoViejo

Algunas películas son tan malas que son buenas.

updated MAR 1, 2010
posted by LuisaGomezBartle
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