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Anyone willing to proof read some answers I wrote? Thank you.


Estoy aprendiendo español y estoy leyendo El León, La Bruja, y El Ropero en Español. Para practicar la escritura, escribí sobre el libro. Son mis frases (en negrita) correctos?

I am learning Spanish and am reading The lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in Spanish. To practice writing, I wrote about the book. Are my sentences (in bold) correct? Thank you for any corrections you have time to make!

Why were the Pensive children sent away from London and where did they go?

Los Pensive niños, cuyos llamos fueron Pedro, Susana, Edmundo y Lucia, vivieron en London antes de la guerra. Cuando London fue los bombardeos durante la guerra, los niños fueron enviado al campo, a la casa de un viejo profesor.

The Pensive children, whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, lived in London before the war. When London was bombed during the war, the children were sent to the countryside, to the house of an old professor.

After they arrived, why did Pedro say they had good luck? Pedro pensó el viejo professor fue bueno y permitirá los niños hacer todo lo que quisieron. La casa fue grande y nadie oiría los niños si hecho ruido.

Peter thought the old professor was nice and would allow the children to do anything they wanted. The house was large and no one would hear the children if they made noise.

Describe the wardrobe that Lucía took an interest in. El ropero fue grande y hecho de madera. Las puertas tuvo espejos. Fue lleno de abrigos de piel en dos hileras. Hay fueron bolas de naftalina en el suelo.

The wardrobe was large and made of wood. The doors had mirrors. It was full of fur coats in two rows. There were mothballs on the floor.

Describe what Luciá encountered after she travelled though the wardrobe. Luciá encontró las ramas de arboles. Pareció la noche. Hace muy frió y estaba nevando. Hay fue una farola delante de Luciá en la bosque. Repente, oyó pasos y un fauno apareció llevando unos paquetes y una paraguas.

Lucy encountered tree branches. It looked like night. It was very cold and was snowing. There was a lamppost in front of Lucy in the forest. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and a faun appeared carrying some packages and an umbrella.

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"el ropero" - "son mis frases correctos?" - samdie, MAR 1, 2010
Thank you. That was the last thing I wrote and I think I got careless. I've corrected the mistakes. - alice_m, MAR 1, 2010

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los pobres ninos cuyos nombres fueron......cuando londres fue bombardeado durante la guerra....pedro penso que el viejo profesor era bueno y permitiria alos ninos hacer todo lo que quisieran......la casa era grande y nadie oiria sus riudos...habian bolas de naftalina en el suelo......llego la noche y hace mucho frio y esta nevando...hay una farrola delante de lucia en el bosque.....derepente se oyeron pasos y un " fauno" llevaba unos paquetes y unas (parraguas) o (sombrilla).

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They look fine to me. I understood what you were saying perfectly. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you! - alice_m, MAR 1, 2010

El León, La Bruja, y El Ropero: Good book and easy to read in Spanish and not really hard vocabulary. I am glad to hear someone else reading, learning and even better enjoying it.

I have probabably read it in Spanish 4 times -- and at least completely once out loud. Looks like you have just finished the 1st chapter -- have fun with the rest of the book (I feel ike I know it by heart).

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Yes, I have only read the first chapter in Spanish. I've read it in English many times which is helping me understand it in Spanish. - alice_m, MAR 1, 2010

Oh I forgot to mention -- you can get this book on CD and listen with your eyes closed at night and in your car. I got it from my library.

  • This is a real easy way to help you with listening skills/training since you will have also read the words.
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jejeje, Just don't close your eyes in the car if you happen to be the driver! :-D - chaparrito, MAR 1, 2010
That was my intention once I finish reading it!! - alice_m, MAR 1, 2010
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