Picture of the day: a barricade

Picture of the day: a barricade


Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the biggest number of votes as well as the language correctness.


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My example:

No pienso arreglar mi habitación en mi cumpleaños. ¡Y no te acerques o te tiro el pastel!

I'm not going to tidy up my room on my birthday. And don't come any closer or I'll bombard you with the cake!


alt text

updated JUN 23, 2011
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posted by Issabela
Corregid mi español, por favor :)) ¿Sería mejor la frase si escribiera "o te bombardearé"? - Issabela, FEB 27, 2010
For a threat, both are correct, but "o te bombardeo" sounds better here. - Mokay, FEB 27, 2010
está perfecta;)))) - melipiru, FEB 27, 2010
thank you both :)) - Issabela, FEB 27, 2010
chica, pues yo no lo entiendo, qué tarta??? - 00494d19, FEB 27, 2010
pastel en España es un bollo - 00494d19, FEB 27, 2010
I checked "birthday cake" and got two results: tarta (de cupleaños) and pastel (de cupleaños) - Issabela, FEB 27, 2010
the cake is hidden behind the wall ;))) - Issabela, FEB 27, 2010
It's "torta de cumpleños" in Argentina or "pastel de cumpleaños" could be easily understandable. But "tarta" is a pie. As Heidi said, I didn't understand it either - Benz, FEB 27, 2010
because my first word was pastel! and I corrected it to tarta :-/ - Issabela, FEB 27, 2010
O sea, la tarta se supone que está detrás del castillo? puff, adivino adivinanza, jeje - 00494d19, FEB 27, 2010
ten en cuenta que esto no es lógico, ya que la tarta, es tarta en España, se le regala a la persona del cumple, con lo que el niño no la tiene, yo pensé que hablabas de otra persona - 00494d19, FEB 27, 2010
si la queires dejar: habitación, ..o te tiro la tarta a la cabeza, o te tiro la tarta, bombardear no se usa en este contexto - 00494d19, FEB 27, 2010
* - DJ_Huero, JUN 23, 2011

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íAyúdame! íNo puedo salir! Me olvidé de construir una puerta en mi castillo.

Help! I can't get out! I forgot to build a door in my castle.

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posted by LaBurra

Este... ¿Mamá? ¡Ayúdeme! Tengo que hacer pis!

big surprise

Ummm... Mom? Help! I have to go potty!

updated FEB 28, 2010
posted by chaparrito

My mother told me that this is my corner to think

Mi madre me dice que este és nimi rincón de pensar.

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posted by melipiru
"my mother told me that this is my thinking corner"...or you could say "corner to think" - hlsbookworm, FEB 27, 2010
"mi" - Izanoni1, FEB 27, 2010

Heidita lo envió al rincón burro.

Heidita sent him to the dunce corner. confused

Corrección, por favor.

updated FEB 28, 2010
posted by 00d7cd75

Mom, I've used up all my blocks! Please, could you go to the store and buy me some more?

¡Mamá, hay utilisado todos los bloques! ¿Por favor, puedes ir a la tienda para comprar más para mi?

updated FEB 28, 2010
posted by Lise-Laroche

Es bueno aprender temprano lo que es pintar uno mismo en una esquina.

It's good to learn early what it's like to paint one's self into a corner.

updated FEB 27, 2010
posted by aloshek
I don¡t understand either sentence - 00494d19, FEB 27, 2010
"To paint oneself into a corner" is an expression that is used to mean "to deeply embed oneself into a difficult situation with little hope of getting out" usually by foolish actions or by doing something that could have been avoided with a bit of... - Izanoni1, FEB 27, 2010
forethought. A similar expression might be "to get oneself into a jam," but this wouldn't have the same effect as the original expression. - Izanoni1, FEB 27, 2010
Here is a link to the definition: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/paint_oneself_into_a_corner - Rolest, FEB 27, 2010
Really? I actually thought that one would translate pretty easily. Thanks for clarifying Izanoni & Rolest. - aloshek, FEB 27, 2010

¡No mamá no necesito una puerta!

Cuando quiero salier de mi castillo...acabo de salir por la ventana.

No Mom, I don’t need a door!

When I want to leave my castle…I just go out the window.

updated FEB 27, 2010
posted by Rolest
Corregid mi español, por favor...¡Gracias! - Rolest, FEB 27, 2010

Despues de las rocortas en el presupuesto, el arquitecto estaba feliz con el nuevo estadio de Olímpicos.

updated FEB 27, 2010
posted by jinxystu
English? - 00494d19, FEB 27, 2010
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