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The questions written in smaller print wont open for me to answer.


There are a few questions posted on the site for which the title is in smaller print than the majority. The ones in large type open so I can answer, but the one's in smaller type do not. Yet it seems some people have been able to get in and provide answers. I can't even read the answers because when I click on those particular titles nothing happens. Why are they in smaller letters and can I open those, too? How? My other question is, this page in order to post a question has been hard to find. When I'm in the forum, is there something for me to click on in order to post a new question? What should I do? One more question. Is there a way to log directly into the forum instead of the way I've gotten in by entering a word in the dictionary for translation first? Thank you for your answers. This site is great and very helpful and I'm impressed by the frequency of questions being asked and answered. There must be a very large number of people who it. If there is a page on website rules and how to use the website, please direct me to those. I really appreciate your help. Thank you

Thank you again

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I have the same problem you have. Frequently, the question topics are in smaller font and cannot be accessed directly as you have already observed.

You should be able to work around this problem, as I do, in the following way:
- Click on the avatar or name of the person who asked the question
- that will take you to the profile page of the member who asked the question
- on that persons profile page, find the question that was asked and click on it
- that should take you to the question in the same way as clicking on questions with larger font
- after dealing with a reply or just viewing the question and replies, just use your browsers "back" button to back up to the place where you started

I hope this helps you.

It looks like you are new to SpanishDict.com so a very big welcome goes out to you. I hope you enjoy whatever time you spend here with us.

I also hope this glitch with font sizes in the question titles gets fixed sometime soon but it has been around for a month or so. As the "work around" seems to get the desired result, it is not a fatal or critical error and I hope that you can learn to live with it in the interim.

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Thanks Moe. That helps me too in the problem area of questions that can't be viewed. I use a laptom computer issued from work and can not download any applications. - yogamamaof2, FEB 22, 2010

It was determined a while back that if you're using IE you can have that problem with a few of the posts and I get around it the same way Moe pointed out. Let's hope it gets fixed some day.

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HI Natural, welcome to the sitegrin

Please do not post your mail on posts.

The browser we use to establish the site is firefox, may be you can download it and you will see you will have no problems.

Please have a look at all our resources, forum rules etc.

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How wierd. None of the questions are in small print on my browser. You open a new thread by clicking on "Ask Question". The location of the forum is "http://www.spanishdict.com/answers". No need to go to the dictionary first just set your browser appropriately. Have a good night.

Oh, the rules are pretty simple...don't use bad language and don't post anything that isn't directly related to learning Spanish and you'll get along fine. Also remember to use proper spelling and grammar.

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