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"like... ummm...uhhh...errrr"


I'm sure you know the words "like", "um", "uh" and "er"- common fillers during presentations. Only problem is that we are not allowed to use them in Spanish class because they are technically English words and apparently, native speakers do not tend to say "um" and "uh", etc. So, I was wondering if any of you all knew any of the words people say in Spanish-speaking countries that are used in the same way.

** Just to note, I do not want to know these words so that I can say them over and over in my presentations. I just want to know some just in case it takes me a minute before I can remember what I'm supposed to say since we memorize our presentations... It's a little weird to have a minute of silence with our saying anything.


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posted by MeEncantanCarasSonrisas
I've been wondering this as well :) - TheSilentHero, FEB 19, 2010

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Hi meencanta,

These are called muletillas and here are a few common ones




a ver

If you google "muletillas" you should be able to find plenty, but we actually have a previous thread on this with links to some resources. Here is the link. On the thread Nicole made a pretty extensive list of muletillas and there are a few responses that provide links to other sites with lists of these filler words as well.

Non essential words and Phrases

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thank you so very much! - MeEncantanCarasSonrisas, FEB 19, 2010

I'm a fan of pues.

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este, pues, a ver.

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