HomeQ&AIs castilian the best dialect of spanish to learn? Is castilian understood everywhere?

Is castilian the best dialect of spanish to learn? Is castilian understood everywhere?


I've heard a few place that castilian is the "best" dialect of spanish to learn. Why do they say this? Just because its spoken in Spain? For me, the most important issue is if I will be understood by the people I'm talking to.

Is castilian understood everywhere spanish is spoken?

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Hi everybody!

I am Spanish. Sorry, my knowledge for English is little rich, but i will try explain correctly.

Catalan is another language, such as Galician and Euskera. That's not Spanish dialects.

Any question can ask me.

See you!!

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Castilian (castellano) is basically what it is called today as Español. It is not a dialect anymore but a full language. So if you learn Spanish you are learning Castilian. Catalán is, I believe, the most popular dialect from Spain after Castilian.

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Gallego is another popular dialect although the Galicians like the Catalans argue that they are languages. Descretion dictates that if you meet people from either place you should concede they are languages thus avoiding a pointless political argument.

In Spain these languages would be contrasted with "Castellano".

A historical note, perhaps apocryphal... A Catalan guy I met told me that during the Franquista times he and his mother came out of the church speaking Catalan. He was a small boy at the time. He claims a Guardia Civil hit his mother with a rifle butt shouting. !En Christiano¡ (In Christian!! meaning Castellano)

A sobering tale concerning Francos' Spain.

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Gallego and Catalán are languages. They are not so similar to Spanish so they would be considered dialects. If you asked me, I´d say Catalán reminds me more on French than Spanish. - kayacool, FEB 18, 2010
As I said, you have to call them languages whatever Linguistics might say - lagartijaverde, FEB 18, 2010

I wrote an almost full blown essay you could find under "several types of Spanish". I put some thought into it if you would like my perspective...

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