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I purchased Raductil pills in Mexico - what are they


The pill box is labeled "Raductil" 10 mg and under that it reads: Sibutramina/Sibutramine. I want to make sure they are for weight loss.

updated FEB 15, 2010
posted by pskapaun

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It is a pill for those who are dangerously obese. It works by suppressing appetite. However, there are some very serious concerns about its safety and sales have been suspended in the UK. In the United States, it is a schedule 4 controlled substance. Which is odd because it has almost no potential for abuse. Nevertheless, if you are caught with this substance in the U.S. without a prescription, it is a serious offense. I'm not a physician, but a good rule of thumb is never to take medication that you haven't reviewed with your physician due to potential drug interactions. This drug, in particular, seems dangerous, and was made for a very specific type of patient.

updated FEB 15, 2010
posted by hithere3387
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