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When to say "Si aqui lo tiene" versus "Si aqui la tiene"


When to say "Si aqui lo tiene" instead of "Si aqui la tiene"

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La and lo are direct object pronouns in this case. The sentence fragments you show can mean:

Si aquí lo tiene = If he had him here / if he had it here

Si aquí la tiene = If he had her here / if he had it here

Lo means "him" if referring to a male human or animal. La means "her" if referring to a female human or pet. Both la and lo mean "it" when referring to things like la bandera (la) or el libro (lo).


Example using la:

Mario tiene la bandera = Mario has the flag

Mario la tiene = Mario has it


Example using lo:

Mario tiene el libro = Mario has the book

Mario lo tiene = Mario has it


It is important to understand also that "tiene" can mean "he has," "she has," "it has," or "you have" (if using usted). So, I just assumed it meant "he has" in "Si aquí lo tiene," but that was just to keep my example simple.

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Depende si el objeto al que te refieres es masculino (lo) o femenino (la)

Aquí lo tienes (el peine)

Aquí la tienes (la lapicera)

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