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Video of the Day: Scuba Diving in Cozumel


Today's video is an escape for me from all of the snow. Cozumel is a beautiful little island and I would love to go back right now. But for now, this video will have to do. Please post your captions or comments in Spanish, with the English translation. Don't forget to vote for your favorites! Cozumel

Hay tanta belleza en el océano esperando a ser descubiertos.

There is so much beauty in the ocean waiting to be discovered.

updated MAR 23, 2010
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in singular: a ser descubierta (la belleza) - Mokay, FEB 11, 2010

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La belleza y la variedad de la fauna submarina siempre me asombran. No puedo esperar para bucear una vez más. Afortunadamente no tengo que esperar mucho tiempo porque tengo un viaje planeado en marzo

The beauty and variety of underwater life always amaze me. I can't wait to go diving once again. Fortunately I don't have to wait long because I have a trip planned in March.

updated FEB 12, 2010
posted by LaBurra

Soy miembro de los buceosbuzos unidos de Nueve Hampshire. Nuestro lema es 'vida liberta y buceo". EsoEse vídeo lo me hace sentirme ansioso para nuestro próximo viaje. I'm a member of the United Divers of New Hampshire. Our club motto is "Live Free and Dive". That video makes me anxious for our next trip. last years trip

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¿Adónde vas para su próximo viaje? Did you mean 2010? - Nicole-B, FEB 11, 2010
We don't know yet. Nice thread by the way. - Yeser007, FEB 11, 2010
Soy miembro de los Buzos (divers)...EsE video me hace sentirme ansioso... - 00593d3b, FEB 12, 2010
Thanks 005....If nothing else I should have known buzos. - Yeser007, FEB 12, 2010

La belleza del mar...

esta sobrepasó sólo por el amor y belleza de Dios.

The love and beauty of the sea...

is surpassed only by the love and beauty of God.

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Me gusta mucho la película. He intentado bucear antes, pero ne era tan bonita.

I really enjoy the video. I tried scuba diving before but it was not as pretty.

updated FEB 12, 2010
posted by Saralou4
Don't give up on it, try somewhere else.:) - Yeser007, FEB 11, 2010
pero el lugar (location) no era tan bonitO (como este del video=like the one in the video- optional but clearer) - 00593d3b, FEB 12, 2010
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