Verb of the week: "Bajar" up close and personal

Verb of the week: "Bajar" up close and personal


Okay, better later then never!! I started school and just lost track of the Mondays! As usual, please chime in with all that you know about this great verb smile


This verb means "to go down,""to put down,"'to get off," and so on. Most of its uses are predictable, but a few that may not be include "to go downstairs,""to get out of a car (bus, train, etc.), " and "to lose weight" (bajar de peseo). It also means " to get (something) down," as when you ask someone to get your suitcase down off the rack (¿Me baja la maleta, por favor?). Bájale, by itself, is usually "Turn it down," referring to the volume or the general noise level; in the right context, it can also mean, "Slow down."

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great post! - mountaingirl123, ENE 27, 2010
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Please keep doing these. That andar one blew me away and I haven't bought the book yet. - jeezzle, ENE 28, 2010

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Bajar a disco or Bajar de internet is "download". Bajar a la realidad is to come to reality or to come back down to earth. Bajar a tierra is to disembark. This is a great verb.

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Oh yay! I always wonder how you say computer lingo in Spanish and now I know at least one word! - Chavag, ENE 28, 2010
"download" is more commonly said as "descargar"" with cargar meaning "upload"" - 0074b507, ENE 28, 2010
oh! - Chavag, ENE 31, 2010

This one is just begging for an abundance of alliteration, such as:

Bajé a baja bajar.

Yeah, I know it's not correct usage, but I couldn't resist. Or is it? "I went down to baja to get down." Or "I went down to baja to get off," etc.

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I bet we can think of more!!!

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