Was there a person who had Spanish heritage that helped in the Mannhatten Project?

Was there a person who had Spanish heritage that helped in the Mannhatten Project?


The reason I ask this, is because in my Spanish class, my teacher said that the class will be doing a project on a famous or not so famous Spanish speaking or a person with Hispanic heritage. I thought of two people (and if you must know who the people I origially thought of were, Carlos Santana and Pablo Picasso...) and I don't plan on doing it on those two, so next class I was thinking of WWII because its fastinating to me, and I got it. "Was there a Spanish person that was a part of The Mannhatten Project?" I appriciate your help. Gracias!

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Thanks guy. Both your answers helped. And thank you StillLearnin for the link. It helps alot! - Austinman14, ENE 31, 2010

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Luis Alvarez

1911-1988 Physicist

When Alvarez was awarded the 1968 Nobel Prize for physics, the Swedish Academy of Science's Sten von Friesen said: "Practically all the discoveries that have been made in this important field [of particle physics] have been possible only through the use of methods developed by Professor Alvarez."

Hope this helps.

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I tried doing some online research for you, and I found a great website with a directory of Manhattan Project scientists. Go to the different lists and check out the names. The first one I found was Luis Alvarez, a well-reputed scientist who was born in America. But maybe if you research his history you'd find that he had an interesting hispanic heritage...


He's on a "Hispanic Heritage" website. So maybe he'll work for your project? Here's the directory website:


Hope it helps! =]


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