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Video of the day: Give me the evil look;)


Post your sentences on this funny video in English and Spanish and please correct your posts (those which are not corrected cannot be chosen).

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No le doy miedo a nadie ¿o qué?

Nobody is afraid of me or what?wink

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great, hyperlink won't work..pufffffffff - 00494d19, ENE 22, 2010
ok, got it. - 00494d19, ENE 22, 2010
jeje, that's a great one Heidita...unfortunately I can't think of anything to go with it....but I like yours :-) - hlsbookworm, ENE 22, 2010
Jejeje... funny kid :)) - Issabela, ENE 22, 2010
The usual expression is "the evil eye" rather than "the evil look". - samdie, ENE 22, 2010

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Este es el ejemplo perfecto de Dr. Jeckel y Mr. Hyde. Te romperé, Te amaré.
This is the perfect example of Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde. I will break you, I will love you.

Gran vídeo Heidita. wink

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gran respuesta, Jason :)) - Issabela, ENE 22, 2010
Gracias Issabela. :) - Jason7R, ENE 22, 2010
amAré - 00494d19, ENE 22, 2010
Ooops! ¿Qué era pensando? Eres una gran amiga y profesora. - Jason7R, ENE 22, 2010
genial jason, getting my accept,, issa will forgive me...she is always chosen!! jeje - 00494d19, ENE 24, 2010
Gracias a todos para este honor. :) Issa, quiza tiempo próximo. ;) (o todos los días) - Jason7R, ENE 24, 2010

Te amo... no te amo. Te amo... no te amo. Te amo... no te amo. Te amo...

¡Y no me digas que solo las mujeres son volubles!

I love you... I love you not. I love you... I love you not. I love you... I love you not. I love you...

And don't tell me that only women are changeable!

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posted by Issabela
:) - 00494d19, ENE 22, 2010
¡Me partí de risa! Muy divertido y es la verdad. :) - Jason7R, ENE 22, 2010

Even though an exorcism was performed, Luther still had an evil side.

Aunque un exorcismo fuera realizado, Luther todavía tuvo un lado malo.

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posted by Rolest
:) - 00494d19, ENE 22, 2010
¡Muchas gracias! - Rolest, ENE 22, 2010

"Shaft" as a baby. I can dig it. "Shaft" como un bebé. Puedo cavarlo.

I am sure this is really pushing it, but it might be humorous to those familiar with the movie.

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posted by nizhoni1
Great line nizhoni!! - Jason7R, ENE 22, 2010

Jano en el mitología romana también tenía dos caras.

Janus in Roman mythology also had two faces.

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la mito.... - 00494d19, ENE 22, 2010

Este bebé tiene un futuro en el mundo del espectáculo.

This baby has a future in show business.

Just a question...I wasn't sure if there was an expression similar to "show business", which is used in the U.S. all the time. The above is what I came up with, but I am looking for confirmation or corrections!

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posted by Nicole-B

La escuela para entrenamiento de villanos se enfrentó a un serio contratiempo al Plan de Fomento al Mal al inscribir a este bicho jovial en el curso de maldad.

The villain training school faced a serious setback to their Spread the Evil Campaign upon enrolling this cheerful little bug in their wickedness course.

updated ENE 22, 2010
posted by Izanoni1
:) - 00494d19, ENE 22, 2010
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