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Picture of the day: a somersault


Post your comments/titles/captions to this picture (both in Spanish and English) and vote for the ones you like. The best answer will be chosen tomorrow on the basis of the biggest number of votes as well as the language correctness.

My example:

¿Sabes una cosa? Voy a estar sentada aquí un rato y disfrutar de la vista.

You know what? I'm gonna sit here for a while and enjoy the view.


alt text

updated JUN 23, 2011
edited by Issabela
posted by Issabela
Corregid mi español, por favor :)) - Issabela, ENE 20, 2010
disfrutar - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010
gracias, Heidi - Issabela, ENE 21, 2010
* - DJ_Huero, JUN 23, 2011

14 Answers


Esta debe ser la mejor manera sacudirse la arena del pelo.

This must be the best way to shake the sand out of one's hair.

updated ENE 21, 2010
edited by saulele
posted by saulele
sacudirse la arena del - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010
gracias - saulele, ENE 21, 2010

Yo cuando me voy de vacaciones, siempre pierdo el norte. w

When I go on vacation, I always lose my sense of direction.

updated ABR 17, 2010
edited by 00494d19
posted by melipiru
correct me, please . - melipiru, ENE 20, 2010
Saca el "I'm" :) También es mejor no usar "the north" sino solamente "north" sin artículo - 003487d6, ENE 20, 2010
I'm confused: how do you lose North? What does that mean? - Lasairfiona, ENE 20, 2010
I think your trying to say " lose my direction " or something similiar to that... - hlsbookworm, ENE 20, 2010
hisbookworm: your -> you're :) - Lasairfiona, ENE 20, 2010
So "to lose north" is to "get lost"? Maybe it is more in the spirit of the photo to say "I get so lost that I can't tell up from down". - Lasairfiona, ENE 20, 2010
"I always lose my sense of direction" -- ¡gracias por el modismo nuevo! - kattya, ENE 20, 2010
thanks lasairfiona, and yes, I think she is trying to say something similiar to what you said kattya - hlsbookworm, ENE 20, 2010
"I always lose north=Become somethig crazy on occasion" - melipiru, ENE 20, 2010
thanks Dandi - melipiru, ENE 20, 2010
That's a good expression you have included. It's probably like ''to go out of one's mind'' - saulele, ENE 20, 2010
Another fun one: topsy turvy. Kinda like upside down but a little more crazy. - Lasairfiona, ENE 20, 2010

Esta es la última vez en la que monto en bicicleta por la arena suave de playa...

This is the last time that I ride my bike through the soft beach sand...

updated ENE 21, 2010
edited by Izanoni1
posted by Izanoni1
:)) - saulele, ENE 20, 2010
:) - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010

Como nota más alegre... El terremoto en Haití hizo que fuera más fácil dar saltos mortales durante un minuto más o menos.

On the lighter side... The earthquake in Haiti did make it easier to do somersaults for about a minute or so.

updated ENE 21, 2010
posted by chaparrito
I'd like to add that no offense was meant. I got an email yesterday from friends living near PAP Haiti. They are grieving the loss of quite a few. But their letter was also mixed with humorous 'on the lighter side' anecdotes. Humor helps healing. :-) - chaparrito, ENE 20, 2010
omg....jejeje, great and correct. - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010

¡qué viaje tan salvaje! Ahora, ¿dónde está mi tabla de surf?

What a wild ride! Now, where is my surfboard?

updated ENE 21, 2010
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posted by 00d7cd75
¡qué viaje tan salvaje! - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010
Thanks. ;-) - 00d7cd75, ENE 21, 2010

Romper la ley de la gravedad es muy divertido.

Breaking the law of gravity is very amusing.

updated ENE 21, 2010
edited by LaBurra
posted by LaBurra
romper - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010

After loosing her girp, Angela now realizes that barefoot waterskiing on a rough sea is not a good idea.

Después de perder su agarre, Angela ahora se da cuenta de que el esquí acuático descalzo sobre un mar agitado, no es una buena idea.

updated ENE 21, 2010
edited by Rolest
posted by Rolest
perfecto - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010

Vicky siempre había quirido ser un avestruz. Parecía un buen comienzo para poner la cabeza en la arena.

Vicky had always wanted to be an ostrich. It seemed like a good start to put her head in the sand.

updated ENE 21, 2010
posted by Lasairfiona
querido - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010

Nunca montes el fondo del camión. Never ride in the back of a truck. Corregid mi español, por favor.

updated ENE 21, 2010
edited by Yeser007
posted by Yeser007
montes - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010

Dicen que esta es la mejor forma de enseñar el trasero al sol. smile

They say that this is the best way to 'moon' the sun.

updated ENE 21, 2010
edited by Dee914
posted by Dee914
The double entendre works in English but not so well in Spanish. *moon* - *enseñar el culo* - Izanoni1, ENE 20, 2010
Thanks Izanoni~~is there a better word than 'culo' that I can use (i.e. behind, bottom, etc) and still make the point or is "enseñar el culo" the more common & understood phrase of the language? Thx for your help! - Dee914, ENE 20, 2010
I think I found one~~~el trasero~~~??? - Dee914, ENE 20, 2010
de enseñar, - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010
¡Gracias! - Dee914, ENE 21, 2010

¡Y de repente, estuvo llegó bajamar!

And, suddenly, it was low tide!

updated ENE 21, 2010
edited by webdunce
posted by webdunce
I know I'm late. :) - webdunce, ENE 21, 2010
llegó - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010
:) - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010

¡Anda! No es para echar las campanas al vuelo.

Whoa! It´s not like you have to jump for joy!

updated ENE 21, 2010
posted by kattya
:) - 00494d19, ENE 21, 2010

I am gonna feel this tomorrow!

*¡Pero voy a sentir esta mañana!

(I think this is right.Tell me if I have the translation wrong!)* somersalt

updated ENE 20, 2010
edited by Drakus_Fett
posted by Drakus_Fett
hey drakus I just fixed a typo :) - hlsbookworm, ENE 20, 2010
"Boy" is not used that way in Spanish. Try "!Vaya!" or "¡Caramba!" :) - kattya, ENE 20, 2010
kattya, I know 'Caramba' but what is 'Vaya''? - Yeser007, ENE 20, 2010
My teacher uses Vaya as Wow. - Lasairfiona, ENE 20, 2010

Mirando abaja a realidad y gravedad.

Looking down at reality and gravity.

updated ENE 20, 2010
edited by ThereseM
posted by ThereseM
Please correct any mistakes, I was unsure of whether I should use LA realidad and LA gravedad, but wouldn't that be the eqvivalent of the reality and the gravity? - ThereseM, ENE 20, 2010
I think it would be: 'Mirando hacia abajo a la realidad y la gravedad.' Nice idea! :-) - chaparrito, ENE 20, 2010
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