I am looking for the meaning of "el farias"

I am looking for the meaning of "el farias"


I have come across another word for which I cannot find a meaning while listening to Manuel Vázquez Montalbán's detective story Pepe Carvalho y una desconacida.

This time I hear the word correctly: "farias". On the other hand, when I first heard this, I was very confused because I heard "el farias" The "s" gave me the expectation of finding the word "faria"...which I did not find either, by the way.

I finally had recourse to the script for the story to check the spelling - that what I was hearing is what is being said - that I heard the "el" correctly, too.

Now I have searched for "farias" in the several dictionaries - both hardcover and online, but with no result.

Here the context:

Camioneros semidormidos por el sopor de la digestión, diríase que sostenidos por el farias que languidece en sus labios.

Any ideas? Doesn't the quote tempt you, too, to want to read/hear the whole story. It is very good!!

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posted by Janice
and yes, I love Carvalho's detective stories;) - 00494d19, ENE 19, 2010

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Oh Heidita, I am so grateful!

In fact, before posting, I searched for "farias" via Google. I found a Ferias tool maker, a Ferias surf and sport shop, even a state senator here in Texas. Perhaps if I had just kept leafing through the following results pages, I would have found my answer. On the other hand, I find your picture delightful and would have missed it!!

I now feel foolish not to have thought about searching with www.google.es!! Having read your post, I did so and found:

Consulte los resultados de: puros farias

Por la letra F - Opinión - Informacion para Fumar un buen puro. (+18) Esta marca de puros denomina así por Heracio Farias, inventor del sistema de producción mecanizada de cigarros, destaca por su composición de las mejores ... www.ciao.es/Por_la_letra_F__Opinion_1040446

as well as:

Cigarros en www. regalerialasvegas.com La introducción del sistema Farias en la industria del puro permitió incrementar la productividad y reducir los costes, permitiendo que los cigarros antes ... www.regalerialasvegas.com/Cigarrros-Farias-marca.htm

And finally (note the "mal" in the titlesmile

El ´mal fario´ de los puros Farias - Tema del día - www ... El ´mal fario´ de los puros Farias - Tema del día - www.elperiodicoextremadura. com. www.elperiodicoextremadura.com/noticias/noticia.asp?pkid=69616

Incidentally, these were NOT the first results presented by the search engine, but rather a soccor player and a bicyclist were higher on the list, as was a president of Mexico from the 19th century.

...would my eyes have landed upon the cigar and put it between the lips of those drowsy truckers without your post? I am not sure. Te doy las gracias!!

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posted by Janice

Hi Janice, I guess you have to be Spanish to knowwink

Farias are this, yes, normally used in plural even though referring to only one objectwink

Dame un farias.

alt text

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posted by 00494d19
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