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how are verb conjugations used with the verb gustar?


if you say i like to shop would you say me gusto ir a compro

updated ENE 19, 2010
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Me gusta ir a comprar.........................

or me gusta ir de compras

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In the context of going shopping:

A la cartera vacia le gusto yo. (I am pleasing to the empty wallet).

The empty wallet likes me (actually nothing can gustar objects so this is incorrect grammar, but I thought you might like to see gustar in other than third person, singular).

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"The empty wallet likes me", I can't count the numebr of time that I've wanted to say exactly this. - samdie, ENE 18, 2010
Le caigo bien a la cartera vacia. - 00769608, ENE 19, 2010

Me gusta comprar cosas en las tiendas = I like to buy things in the shops. Me gusta ir a la compra = I like to go shopping. You don't congugate the verb you just use the infinative after the already congugated verb gustar.

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