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What kind of bird are "zinzonelos"?


I just moved to a historic house and woke up with lots of singing birds. My neihbor said they are "zinzonelos". I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what they are in English.

updated ENE 17, 2010
posted by jmedvm
Muchas gracias mijito! Yes mockingbirds!!! - jmedvm, ENE 17, 2010

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cenzontle. o zinzontle

(Del nahua centzuntli, que tiene cuatrocientas [voces]). 1. m. Pájaro americano de plumaje pardo y con las extremidades de las alas y de la cola, el pecho y el vientre blancos. Su canto es muy variado y melodioso.

I think that it is mockingbird.

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posted by LuisaGomezBartle
¬°Gracias Luisa! - Yeser007, ENE 17, 2010

Welcome to the forum, I can't find the word in any of my dictionaries so hang in there and I'm sure one of the native speakers will come up with an answer. Just keep checking back.

updated ENE 17, 2010
posted by Yeser007
By the way, in what country is the house (and bird) located? - Yeser007, ENE 17, 2010

If you Google zenzontle you'll find photos and the sound of the bird's voice.

updated ENE 17, 2010
posted by 0057ed01
Luisa's correct: it's of the mockingbird family. No surprise it sings beautifully. - 0057ed01, ENE 17, 2010
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