Word of the Day: Other uses of acoger

Word of the Day: Other uses of acoger


Here are some other uses for acoger given by the Collins dictionary. It seems to be a pretty useful word!!

  • to receive visitors: la ciudad acoge miles de visitantes = the city gets thousands of visitors
  • to provide accomodations: el hotel que acoge a los periodistas = the hotel where the journalists are staying
  • to harbour: acogen en sus filas a antiguos terroristas = they number former terrorists in their ranks
  • to receive news: acogieron la noticia con sorpresa = they received the news with surprise
  • to host: acoger los Juegos Olímpicos = to host the Olympics

and acogida

  • una fría acogida = a chilly reception
  • tener buena/mala acogida = to be well/poorly received
  • el centro de acogida de visitantes = visitor center
  • un centro de acogida de personas sin hogar / de menores = a homeless / children´s shelter
  • familia/país de acogida = host family/country
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I copied your post and added it to the "word of the day". I hope you don't mind smile

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of course not! - kattya, ENE 10, 2010
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