Find your country in this amazing songfest!

Find your country in this amazing songfest!


I'd like to share this inspirational video to my kindred spirits here at Spanish Dictionary.

It's folks from 156 countries singing "Love is All You Need." Most of you will spot your own country.


Love is All You Need

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Buen hilo Volpon!!! - Nicole-B, ENE 9, 2010

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Thanks, Volpon.

Since you're sharing inspirational vidoes with the common global theme, I'd like to share this one as well:

Where the hell is Matt?

The story is that while Matt is taking a sabbatical from his dull job as a programmer to travel the world and decides to post videos of his current location on youtube letting his friends and family know where in the world he is.
Within a year, he gained so much popularity for his videos, he was asked to do another world tour by his fans and by sponsors. (please keep in mind that he knows he can’t dance, but it’s really just a happy, careless jig)

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Wow, I have always wanted to travel the world. I'll dance badly if someone sponsers me to do it! jeje - Nicole-B, ENE 9, 2010
Me too! I'll dance and SING badly if you want! :) - Valerie, ENE 9, 2010
Thanks, bd. I'd seen some of this earlier, but forgot to bookmark it. It's the perfect complement to the link Nicole made of the great song-fest. - 0057ed01, ENE 9, 2010

Volpon, I hope you don't mind, but I added the direct link for you. This was truly an amazing video. It just goes to show the uniting effect that music has around the world. smile

Thanks for sharing,

Nicole smile

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OK, ok...Nicole for this (and your great answer on 'Standard Response' you can consider you shift complete ;-) - bdclark0423, ENE 9, 2010
Muchas gracias mi amigo. Estoy muy cansada. jeje - Nicole-B, ENE 9, 2010
Muchismas gracias, Nicole. Muy amable... - 0057ed01, ENE 9, 2010
I especially liked the scene when Matt was dancing in the Demilitarized Zone of Korea. - samdie, ENE 10, 2010

The best-looking, but most casual, amusing and slightly off-key group is from Spain. They do use good English, though.

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