2009 >Best Caption< Winner in "Picture of the Day" Contest


I hope you enjoyed participating in the 2009 Best "Picture of the Day" Contest!

Thank you all for voting for up your favorites!



3rd Prize goes to... .

Goyo's caption for: A woman dragging her man (click here for original thread)

Métete en el taxi, Felipe. ¡Ahora! Vamos a ver a mi madre.

Get in the taxi, Philip. Now! We're going to see my mother.



2nd Prize goes to... .

Sheila-foster’s caption for: A sleeping dog (click here for original thread)

Lavar a mano solemente,

No Secar in Secadora,

Planchar en frio, si fuera necesario

Hand Wash Only,

Do not tumble dry

Cool iron, as needed




And the Winner for "Best Caption" is...

See 'accepted' answer below.


(If you want to see the original contest, see this thread.)

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Chaparrito speaking here: I requested that Marrianne post the caption herself so she would get the credit. smile

This picture got a total of 12 votes making it the winner!


Hat's Off to Marianne, . and her

caption for: Dog's examination (click here for original thread)


No, no veo ninguna tarea adentro.

Nope, I don't see any homework in there.


(Click here to see her original caption for the dog's examination.)

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Votes on this winning entry are certainly welcome! And now they'll rightfully go to Marianne instead of me. :-D
well done marianne:)
Brilliant - still makes me smile every time I see it :)

The results are finally in! And the winner has stepped up to the platform.

Here are the final counts on all entries:

  1. A sleeping dog (10 votes)
  2. A woman dragging her man (9 votes)
  3. A little fellow (7 votes)
  4. Like father, like sons (5 votes)
  5. Sledging lady (5 votes)
  6. Crocodiles (5 votes)
  7. A donkey and an overloaded cart (5 votes)
  8. Decapitation (4 votes)
  9. A granny with a gun (4 votes)
  10. Stunt rider (4 votes)
  11. A woman among apes (4 votes)
  12. A tiger and a baby (4 votes)
  13. Decorating Christmas tree (4 votes)
  14. A polar bear and a penguin (3 votes)
  15. Christmas lights outside the house (3 votes)
  16. An old lady and a penguin (3 votes)
  17. A muscular lady (2 votes)
  18. Boxing women (2 votes)
  19. A hippo (2 votes)
  20. Two divers (2 votes)
  21. An icy day (2 votes)
  22. Puzzled bunnies (2 votes)

And the remaining captions each received 1 vote. grin

To see a list of the above photos with links to their original threads, see this thread.)

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Thanks for all the hard work you did putting this together Chaparitto!

Thanks again, Chaparrito, for a really original contest idea. I have, though, utterly no talent for caption-writing but have gotten a real kick out of the great ones I've read.

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But why chaparrito, why must you keep us waiting? smile

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The waiting is over! :-)

I just wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to congratulate the winners and see the final voting results!

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