Hidden Picture Game of Peruvian Painting

Hidden Picture Game of Peruvian Painting


This guy is amazing! The artist´s name is Pablo César Amaringo and he lives in Peru. His paintings are highly intricate. So many stories seem to be told in each painting. In Spanish and English, what do you see in the painting. Be as descriptive as possible. (If you have a story to add about something you see, those are always fun to read and learn about too!) Here is the link if you would like to read more about Amaringo. I am really interested in the blue forms coming out of the bowl. Any thoughts?


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I see a loving and nurturing (cupping a bowl) father, holding his precious children near his heart. Children who are at odds with each other because of their youth, but who love each other and their father very much (as they are resting comfortably in his protective arms). I see the father imagining the life ahead for his children....

One of beauty (flowers), excitement (colors), mystery (the eyes without a face), danger (leopards), serenity (swimming dolphins), acquaintances (people...good & bad), freedom (bird in flight) and endless possibilities (outer space) that awaits them along this wonderful journey called Life.

The father even sees the sunset of his own life and that of his children, yet I sense an overwhelming calmness and peace in his thoughts, because this same sunset also represents a sunrise....a new beginning. An assurance that no matter what they face, they can face it together and that their love will live on.

updated ENE 7, 2010
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Okay...that's enough White Zen for me for one night (jejeje) Seriously, though, this painting is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing! ;-) - Dee914, ENE 6, 2010
Wow! Thank you for sharing your story you saw in this painting. - yogamamaof2, ENE 7, 2010
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