Does anyone know an easier way to learn the continents and countries in Spanish?

Does anyone know an easier way to learn the continents and countries in Spanish?


I'm having loads of trouble trying to learn the continents and countries in Spanish. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good study method. Because quite frankly I stink at them... ALL of them. So if you know of anything... Please tell me! smile

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It's necessary to ask this question. Buena suerte - Fidalgo, ENE 4, 2010

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What my teacher made the class do was go to Google Earth. Then we changed the langauge to spanish and went over all the areas (the US states,continents, ect.). We all did really good on the test after that, and it was a fairly difficult one.

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Wow, a good commonsense answer. I wouldn't have thought of that. - GaryT, ENE 4, 2010

Dear tns 312, I know why you are worry. In fact, there are a lot of similar words about continents, regions, countries and states in Spanish and English. The real problem now is recognizing very different words. In the case of me, I've already known all about the world since I was a child. I can remember all capitals as well as locations of all countries and territories. And certainly it's very easy to solve the problem if you have had a numerous knowledge about geography. In my point of view, you should consider different words again and again to remember longer and longer. Moreover, I think you'd better create a lot of flashcards about them. It's certainly a good method to learn. In addition, you can learn much more on many helpful websites like Google Earth, Wikipedia,etc when view them in both languages. Here is a map of Central America and Caribe in Spanish alt text

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A great resource is the Reference section of SpanishDict.com.

Select "Spanish Words" and scroll down the list to "Countries."

The Reference section is outstanding and is the first place I go looking for answers.

Buena suerte!

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