No Creo en el Jamas by Juanes - Video with Lyrics

No Creo en el Jamas by Juanes - Video with Lyrics


Video with Lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-Fl3glB60c

Flashcards: http://www.spanishdict.com/flashcards/29437/no-creo-en-el-jamas-por-juanes

Lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com/lyrics/juanes_lyrics_3261/la_vida_es_un_ratico_lyrics_69823/no_creo_en_el_jamas_lyrics_676680.html

Also, I'm stuck on two lines in the song. If someone could help me translate them I'd appreciate it. Thanks

  1. y dicen que sonar es tanto como sonar estando vivo (maybe sonar should be soñar?)
  2. hacer lo que quise y no pude (I know what this means but not in the context of the song)
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1 Answer


I believe the line is "vivir sin sonar es tanto como morir estando vivo" which means "living without dreaming is like dying being alive"

The chorus reads: Today I'm going to get up and I'm not going to surrender my heart to make what I've always wanted and I couldn't

In an artistic interpretation "I'm not going to give in to what has been impossible for me before."

Basically, the whole song is about determination and never giving up.

updated ENE 6, 2010
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Thanks so much!! - Chavag, ENE 5, 2010
No problemo, me encanta Juanes! - aloshek, ENE 6, 2010
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