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Will someone please check the chatroom to see if it works for them?


I have to say this before i run out of room... Need tech help, malicious software warning about this site, ignored it, now, the chat room isn't working and my questions run through ads.

updated ENE 3, 2010
edited by 00494d19
posted by hmmmmm
uhhhh, is anyone else seeing my question go through the ad on the right? - hmmmmm, ENE 3, 2010
yup - aloshek, ENE 3, 2010
Crap lemme edit it - hmmmmm, ENE 3, 2010
Stupid ads! - epicfail, ENE 3, 2010
I was running under the crying baby... - hmmmmm, ENE 3, 2010
I know SpanishDict has to post ads to keep running but I wish they would check out who they are allowing to post ads on the website! Some of them have been reported (according to my computer's security programs) as being malicious. - hmmmmm, ENE 3, 2010

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I have just reported it , thanks.

updated ENE 3, 2010
posted by 00494d19
Thanks - hmmmmm, ENE 3, 2010

I can see the chat room, but it won't let me enter the conversation. The problem is not exclusive to you, just allow time for it to be fixed. You might get better help if you put "Need Administrator Attention - chat room not working"· as your title.

updated ENE 3, 2010
posted by aloshek
I can't get in either - 00494d19, ENE 3, 2010
Thanks everybody! - hmmmmm, ENE 3, 2010

I have looked at your questions and cannot see where any of them are running into the ads. Can you let me know which one.

updated ENE 3, 2010
posted by Eddy
Heidita already reported it thanks anyways! I edited before she did it and that fixed it. - hmmmmm, ENE 3, 2010
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