Error in Lesson 1.8

Error in Lesson 1.8


The 1.8 lesson of Numbers and Time has a few errors: When Paralee gets to describing the 20s, the veintiuno is spelled "veintuno." Also when counting 21, the text says veintidos, it should say veintiuno.

Mas chance, Zakarías

updated DIC 29, 2009
posted by ZakPhillips
Also, around 11:00, noche is a wrongly spelled "noce" - ZakPhillips, DIC 25, 2009
Also, at 12:00 the time 3:03 AM is given, when Paralee states it is 3:03 in the afternoon. - ZakPhillips, DIC 25, 2009
some of these have been mentioned before. See Paralee's previous thread. - 0074b507, DIC 25, 2009

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Thank you for your feedback. I have fixed the errors, but it will take a while before I can re-export, compress, and upload to our server. If you find any others, please let me know in the Errors in the Learn Videos thread.

updated ENE 8, 2010
posted by Paralee
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