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Que loco no y la verdad que me dejo helada porque creo que tenemos mushas cosas en comun y lo peor del caso o mejor del caso ia ni seee fue que creen que me acorde de akel o sea hasta que llegue a mi casa como a las Cuatro kapte ocmo que a la madre de lo gusto que andaba pue.

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Por favor means please in Enlish. - flags, DIC 20, 2009

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That crazy not and the truth that I leave frost because I believe that we have mushas things common and worse of the better case or of the case ia nor seee were that they think that agreed me of akel that is until kapte arrives house like Four a ocmo that at the mother from it taste that walked pue/ Peter incase you don't know,hi light words or sentences,Ctrl+c go up to the top of the page click on translater and reclick on pad of the translater's pad Ctrl +v now it should have transfered and click on translaters botton .hopefully there be more than one verson to observe.

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Dude you already posted this and it was answered in full.

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