HomeQ&AI'd like to know my favorite quote in Spanish. See the description please.

I'd like to know my favorite quote in Spanish. See the description please.


Live Simple Laugh Often Love Deeply

to translate would it be correct to say,

vivir simplemente reir a menudo amar profundamente

Thanks!! Gracias¡

updated DIC 15, 2009
posted by reginamattingly
Nice one :) - Issabela, DIC 15, 2009

3 Answers


Vive de manera simple.

Ríe a menudo.

Ama profundamente.

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posted by nila45
It is like a piece of advice or an order. - nila45, DIC 15, 2009
Imperative: vive (tú), vivid (vosotros), ama (tú), amad (vosotros), ríe (tú), reid (vosotros) - nila45, DIC 15, 2009
Is this like a recipe where the infinitive or the personal command can be used? - 0074b507, DIC 15, 2009

Qfreed, I would never use the infinitive form in these cases.

What he's saying is not wrong. You can say by example:

"Mis consejos para una vida plena son: vivir de manera simple, reir a menudo y amar profundamente."

I agree with your answer to the specific question here though. It is more like a command.

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posted by 00e657d4
Yes, I changed my mind. It can be even used in a command. - nila45, DIC 15, 2009
The infinitive form can be used in a command or like a piece of advice. - nila45, DIC 15, 2009

I suppose you are referring to:

reid (vosotros) = ¿reir? (vosotros)

amad (vosotros) = ¿amar? (vosotros)

vivid (vosotros) = ¿vivir? (vosotros)

At least, I am not sure about this possibility.

Well, after thinking it well, perhaps it can be a possiblity. You can use the infinitive form for a command but only if we are talking to you (vosotros) in plural.

updated DIC 15, 2009
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posted by nila45
Sorry, I had to change the answer several times. I was not too sure about the answer. But, yes, at the end, I came to the conclusion that it is all right. - nila45, DIC 15, 2009
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