how would you say " Dont be naughty " and " Dont be Cheeky"


How would you say "Don't be naughty " and "Don't be cheeky"?

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posted by stuart22

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And here's the answer to your question:

¡No me contestes! - Don't talk back!

¡No contestes a tu madre! - Don't answer back to your mother!

¡No esté descarado/descarada! - Don't be cheeky!

¡No esté travieso/traviesa! - Don't be naughty!

¡No esté grosero/grosera! - Don't be rude!

¡Compórtate como es debido! - Behave yourself!

updated DIC 6, 2009
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posted by Issabela
Thanks, that´s a useful list!!

That was a pleasant welcome, Issabela. Amusing responses, too.

One of them reminded me of a friend that has a dog she named Traviesa.

And, my, does she live up (down?) to her name!

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