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Barcarrota, Spain vs the United States of America


I live in Bradenton, Florida. Apparently, our sister cities are Extremadura and Barcarrota - both in Spain. I hoped to find any student-exchange or other programs our cities children can participate in.

I didn't know who to ask, so I went straight to the mayor who told me,

"There have been issues this year because the new Mayor of Barcarrota does not like Americans, and is openly hostile about it. The annual trip to Barcarrota was cancelled because we were told Americans are not welcome. I don’t know the term of the mayor but it might be better for you to look at another avenue."

Do any of my friends in Spain know anything about this? I only found a couple web pages about the city but nothing about the mayor or any conflicts.

updated DIC 2, 2009
posted by jaysprout

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Spain may be a powerful country, but I don't think that one city can take on the United States all by itself... smile

updated DIC 2, 2009
posted by Nathaniel
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