How do you say-I want a cheeseburger and fries?

How do you say-I want a cheeseburger and fries?


It will be nice to know

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It would be: "Quisiera una hamburguesa de queso y las papas fritas," If you want to say please, just use por favor at the end. ¡Espero que sea gran ayuda! grin

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"Con queso." " De queso" means no meat - only cheese. In this case, "las" is not necessary unless "papas fritas" have been discussed prior to the order. - 005faa61, NOV 24, 2009
ok thank you - 002a9516, NOV 24, 2009

Quisiera el número cuatro, por favor. (At Wendy's that is...)

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What do you mean at Wendys? - 002a9516, NOV 24, 2009
número - 0074b507, NOV 24, 2009
I still dont understand? - 002a9516, NOV 24, 2009
It was just a silly joke. "Number 4" from the menu at Wendy's, a hamburger joint. - 0057ed01, NOV 24, 2009
ok lol - 002a9516, NOV 25, 2009

spanish4scho Wendy's is an American food chain...and to give you a straight (correct) answer:

"Me gustaría un hamburguesa con queso y papas fritas, por favor."

-"I would like a cheeseburger and fries, please."

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thank you - 002a9516, NOV 25, 2009
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