What is the best way to say "I'm breaking up with my girl"?

What is the best way to say "I'm breaking up with my girl"?


Ok, I'm an experienced spanish speaker, but as far as this situation goes, I'm not in it very much, but someone is asking me about it, and I don't know how to say it in Spanish. Maybe like, "estoy ???? con mi novia?"

Thanks in advance, DJ Huero ((( d(-_-)b )))

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What is the best way to say "I'm breaking up with my girl"?

Cara a cara

....Oh, I misread this. The verb you are looking for would be terminar or cortar

You might also use dejar

Él lo dejó con ella - He broke up with her

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No, I'm explaining it to somone. I'm not a cold-hearted culero, I'll tell her face to face bruh. =) - DJ_Huero, NOV 20, 2009
yeah, sorry about that. I misread this the first time. - Izanoni1, NOV 20, 2009
it's ok...the whole situation sucks... =( - DJ_Huero, NOV 20, 2009
Yeah, it does...it's never easy. I'm sorry for you :-( - --Mariana--, NOV 20, 2009
thanks marianne... - DJ_Huero, NOV 20, 2009

How about

"Rompí con mi novia."

I broke up with my girlfriend.


I found this in the dictionary --


  1. (terminar una relación)

    • romper (con alguien) -> to break up o split up (with somebody)
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I was thinking of the verb romper, but I didn't know if that was the appropriate use of it. - DJ_Huero, NOV 20, 2009
The dictionary gives the example of breaking up with someone :-) - --Mariana--, NOV 20, 2009
hmm, ok. - DJ_Huero, NOV 20, 2009
I think that romper implies more that one party "dumped" the other so to speak. - Izanoni1, NOV 20, 2009
Yes, I've heard it before using "romper". - Lise-Laroche, NOV 20, 2009
You can too use: "Hemos terminado (nuestra relación)", we have broke up. - Mokay, NOV 20, 2009

To get the best ideas watch "two and a half men."

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jeje :) - sunshinzmommie, NOV 20, 2009

How about "separarse".

Mi novia y yo nos separamos.

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lol, I like the face...that was me when I first decided to make this decision and had a few botellas... =) - DJ_Huero, NOV 20, 2009
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