Why do you have to use this kind of e (é) in spanish?

Why do you have to use this kind of e (é) in spanish?


I was asked by a friend and wasn't sure.

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Words in spanish that do not have an accent mark are emphasized on the second to last syllable, if an accent mark is added this changes.

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A complicated concept stated very succinctly...nice...just need to add that the accented vowel receives the stress in this case. - webdunce, NOV 20, 2009

alt text Tae123:

Speaking any language is, in part, about knowing which syllable of a particular word is emphasized when it is spoken. For example the word emphasized is spoken as "EM-fa-sized" with the stress or emphasis on the 1st syllable.

Spanish has rules for determining which syllable is emphasized. Our teacher, Paralee Whitmire has created a Reference Page to explain the usual rules for us. Follow this link to read what she has said:----|> Word Emphasis.

However, sometimes, for example, words are spelled the same way but pronounced differently or with different emphasis or stress on the syllables depending on the meaning of the word. Again, Paralee has created a Reference Page where she outlines some information about the use of accent (or tilde) marks as an aid to pronounciation and explains why it is done. Follow this link ----|> Accents/Tildes.

I hope after reading them you will have the answer you need for your friend. Thanks for asking and best of luck with this reply.



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It's an E with an accent mark, to distinguish it from an E without the accent mark, and is part of the spelling of the word.

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