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You're doing what to the cat's feet? / Idiom challenge


Ok, lesson learned...I'll tell you what it means this time.

buscar tres pies al gato

Can you guess? It means "to split hairs", make trivial distinctions, quibble

As before, the best sentence with the most votes wins.

updated NOV 18, 2009
edited by aloshek
posted by aloshek

3 Answers


No es para buscar tres pies al gato, pero ¿un gato ronco aún puede ronronear?

Not to split hairs, but can a hoarse cat still purr?

updated NOV 18, 2009
posted by mountaingirl123
jejeje, ¡muy bueno! - aloshek, NOV 15, 2009

¿Un hombre calvo aún puede buscar tres pies al gato?

updated NOV 16, 2009
posted by webdunce
It makes more sense when it's translated...kinda strange in español. jeje - aloshek, NOV 15, 2009
A little interlingual humor there...very little. ;-) - webdunce, NOV 15, 2009
jeje, I had to translate that too, web, makes no sense in Spanish - 00494d19, NOV 16, 2009

hmm, so what do we do with a tie?

updated NOV 16, 2009
posted by aloshek
easy, we untie...lol - 00494d19, NOV 16, 2009
lol - aloshek, NOV 16, 2009
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