Do you write out numbers in Spanish as you do in English?

Do you write out numbers in Spanish as you do in English?


In English I learned to spell out all number ten and under. (At least that is what I remember, laughing out loud, it was a long time ago!!) All numbers above ten are just written using the numbers.

Is this the same in Spanish?

Tengo cinco años. Tengo 33 años.

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Yes, I believe you are correct, although probably the sun will rise tomorrow either way!! smile

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I am so precise, lol, to be honest, I am trying to make this paper about Benito Juarez the best ever. It has to be only two pages and answer the questions: Why was he an important man in the history of Mexico? - sunshinzmommie, NOV 15, 2009
And en todo de latinoamerica? Would you mind looking over my three posts, the first three paragraphs? - sunshinzmommie, NOV 15, 2009
Benito Juarez is The Man in Mexican history. Write the numbers out in that case... - mountaingirl123, NOV 15, 2009

You can do it either way, and it will be correct.

Tengo 5 años.

Tengo treinta y tres años.

Normally, the numbers are used for dates and years:

El 20 de noviembre se celebra la Revolución Mexicana, la cual tuvo lugar en el año de 1910.

And for big amounts, to save space.

El presupuesto de ingresos para el 2010 será de $3,176,332,000,000 (3 billones 176 mil 332 millones de pesos)

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Thank you :) - sunshinzmommie, NOV 15, 2009
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