el gato me araño o el gato me rasguño

el gato me araño o el gato me rasguño


como se dece en español el gato me rasguño o el gato me araño

updated NOV 17, 2009
posted by 123Agustin

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When the scratch is made with nails or small claws, you say arañazo.

When the animal has big claws, like a tiger or a bear, you say zarpazo.

Any other case, it is a rasguño.

updated NOV 17, 2009
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best explanantion of all, thanks mokay:) - 00494d19, NOV 15, 2009

HI augustin, and chaparrito, the correct form is:

el gato me arañó.

Rasguño is what you get on a car for example when it gets scratched.

Un arañazo is what a cat can give youwink

updated NOV 17, 2009
posted by 00494d19
jejeje, I thought I had this one figured out. No wonder my friends giggled when I told them last week that my cat scratched me. Apparently it sounded like I had a fender-bender with my cat. :-D - chaparrito, NOV 17, 2009

"El gato me rasguñó." would be correct. You probably already looked at the definitions of those two words, so the following sentece also makes sense:

"Tengo un araño en mi brazo, porque el gato me rasguñó."

updated NOV 15, 2009
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posted by chaparrito
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