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How do you say the past tense form of "you lied" using the familiar form tu?


This was our first day covering this in class, so I'm not quite grasping it yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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posted by erin29
I thought so... Thanks! - erin29, NOV 10, 2009

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Hi erin29,

Would you mind explaining to us how much you currently understand of this so far?

In the meantime:

You'll want to start with the infinitive form of the verb "to lie." "Mentir."

After this you'll want to identify which form of the past you want to take, is it imperfect or solely preterit? It would seem, without further context, this would be the preterit form.

After this you'll be able to tell which it is by looking at a conjugation chart.

However, memorizing the chart might be annoying, so here is how you form the preterite with regular verbs.

Take the base of the verb, in this case mentir loses "ir" and becomes "ment." Add to the endings of IR/ER verbs "í" for yo, "iste" for tú, "ó" for usted/he/she, "imos" for nosotros, "eis" for you all (vosotros), and "ieron" for you all (ustedes) and they all (ellos/ellas).

Based on this you should be able to change the infinitive "Mentir" to the conjugated tú form of the preterit indicitive mood.

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tú mentiste!

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