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Where is the Word of the Day - I have a complaint to make!


Tengo que aconsejar a la Reina de España que SpanishDict no tiene respeto por la Acadamía Real Española. Cuando trato de enviar una pregunta con la RAE en el título, me rechaza y me dice que estoy gritando.

I am going to advise the Queen of Spain that SpanishDict does not respect the Spanish Royal Academy. When I try to post a question with RAE in the title, it rejects me and says I am shouting.

updated NOV 10, 2009
edited by 00515f39
posted by 00515f39
I have had this issue before, if you add "." after each letter it will post. - cheeseisyummy, NOV 10, 2009

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Desafortunadamente no tenemos control en la regla de este website. Good luck! grin grin

updated NOV 10, 2009
posted by techmax12
Gracias. - 00515f39, NOV 10, 2009
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