What does the word "tiotero" mean in English?

What does the word "tiotero" mean in English?


A friend sent me a letter and I was able to translate most of it, but I do not know what this word "tiotero" means.

This is her sentence, in case that is needed.

"amiga vi en la noticia un tiotero en eeuu."

Thank you

updated NOV 9, 2009
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It should be written as tiroteo (shooting), comes from tiro:

El cazador le disparó al venado, pero falló el tiro, y el animal logró escapar

The Hunter shot at the deer, but failed the shot, and the animal managed to escape.

You can say balacera too, from balazo (shot).

Tiroteo = Balacera = a lot of tiros or balazos.

"amiga vi en la noticia un tiroteo en eeuu." My friend, I saw on the news about a shooting in USA

updated NOV 9, 2009
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I think the word is tiroteo...... - 00515f39, NOV 9, 2009
Your are right, my mistake, I am more used to the word balacera. =) - Mokay, NOV 9, 2009
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