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I and mary are going to the movie .


i'm african american, and i go to cenytral high school.

updated NOV 19, 2009
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posted by tyneil2009

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HI tynei, welcome to the forumsmile

Don't forget to use correct spelling on your posts the next timesmile

Your sentence in Spanish:

I and Mary are going to the movie.

María y yo vamos al cinegrin

I guess you wanted to say her name first?? wink

updated NOV 19, 2009
posted by 00494d19
Diríamos "Mary and I" en inglés también...no "I and Mary." El error más común (por los anglohablantes) es decir "Mary and me" cuando son sujetos y ni objetos. - webdunce, NOV 5, 2009
I think you will find the most common mistake is Me and Mary are going ???? not Mary and me. - Eddy, NOV 19, 2009
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