Does the term "millionaria" mean millionaire, as in money, or does it mean one in a million?


Can it have several meanings?

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Did you mean to say "millonario"?
Maybe it was just misspelled. This is the quote "Yo estoy con una Gringa tiene 1m 82cm rubia ojos celeste y millionaria!" Grammatically, this may not be correct, but I am trying to understand what it says.
Maybe they are trying to say something different, but it literally means that she is a millionaire.
I am with a gringo girl, she is 1 meter 82 centimeters tall, she has blonde hair blue eyes and she is a millionaire.
Sorry about the height, I don't know what the metric system conversion to inches would be.

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El es millonario --- He is a millionaire.

Ella es millonaria --- She is a millionaire.

Ellos son millonarios porque tienen millones de dólares. --- They are millionaires because they have millions of dollars,

Yo tengo un millón de dolares. --- I have a million dollars.

Just kidding

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These are the words in our dictionary:


millionaire [m?lj??ne?(r)] sustantivo1. millonario(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino)

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millionaire [mi-lio-near] sustantivo1. Millonario, la persona cuyas riquezas se valúan en un millón o más.

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Are you asking about one of these words?

Your word "millionaria" doesn't appear to be in our dictionary.
I also have a large paper dictionary at home and your word was not found in it.

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