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How do you translate "registraduria estado civil" to english


I am translating a birth certificate from Colombia and as what type of Office of Civil Registry it says "registraduria estado civil". How do you translate this to english.

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I do not agree with Mountaingirl's reply. I think "registraduría estado civil" is more likely to mean "Civil Status Registry".

But, since this concerns legal issues, it is best and, ABitterhoff is strongly advised to take this question to a qualified legal practitioner with knowledge and experience of Spanish legal terms and phrases.

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updated ENE 5, 2011
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Thanks for the correction, Moe... - mountaingirl123, OCT 29, 2009
What is "Civil Status Registry" in English? - mountaingirl123, OCT 29, 2009

it's the colombian office responsible for the registry and identification of colombians and the administration of electoral processes.

thus, it turns it into a mix of city clerk/city hall/rmv (because for an i.d. you'd go to the registry of motor vehicles, to vote you submit a form to the national voter registration... it's different in the u.s.) that handles legal person's affairs.

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Thanks for clarifying - mountaingirl123, OCT 29, 2009
you're welcome: spanish can be a ridiculously descriptive and convoluted language, especially when dealing with public offices! - zenejero, NOV 5, 2009

When making a translation of a legal document, you cannot change the wording.

A translator must use the most accurate translation possible, even if the translation does not look quite right in the new language.

In this case, "registraduría estado civil" is: Civil Status Registration office (literal)

You also have to consider who is issuing the document: Is it the state, the county or the city? -if it is in the document-.

In México, where every state is in charge of this type of document, the translation would be:

State of ____________, Civil Status Registration Office.

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I would tranlate "registraduria estado civil" as "Office of Vital Statistics"

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posted by Clabattaglia

Would "legal marital status" make sense in that context?

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posted by mountaingirl123
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