"I wonder how old the new teacher is....?"

"I wonder how old the new teacher is....?"


How do you say: "I wonder how old the new teacher is." and "I wonder if there will be many students in the Spanish class this year." using the future tense?

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If "cuantos años tiene el profesor" is present tense, put the "tiene" into future, and that will give the feeling of "I wonder..." Likewise, if "Hay muchos estudiantes" is present tense, put "hay" into the future, surround it with question marks, and you have the "I wonder". You can also preface those future forms with "Me pregunto si...+ future structure."

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Me pregunto cuantos anos tiene la maestra nueva? wink

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Me pregunto = I wonder ( literally - I ask myself) - ian-hill, OCT 25, 2009
I do hope she only has one.....;) - 00494d19, OCT 25, 2009
Heidita: ?en serio crees que se se haya fijado (ni siquiera leido) en las respuestas de Lazarus? - samdie, OCT 25, 2009
Pues no, sam;) - 00494d19, OCT 25, 2009
jajaja - 003487d6, OCT 25, 2009

(Me pregunto) ¿Cuántos años tendrá el/la profesor/a? (Me pregunto si) habrá muchos estudiantes en la clase.

P..S. Why would one enclose (whatever tense) of "haber" in quotation marks? It's a normal word used in a normal way.

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Tristen :

Mountaingirl has given you strong hints as to what to do. If you don't have a verb book or don't know how to put the necessary verbs into the future tense, use our verb conjugator. Here's how:

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On that drop-down menu, “click” on “Conjugation”

There is a wide (but not tall) window, with subdued printing, which says “Enter a Spanish Verb Infinitive”.

Where it is indicated to do it, enter the verb you want conjugated.

Press the “Enter” key, or, “click” on the orange “Conjugate” button

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