"Since the economy of the medieval world was based almost entirely on agriculture

"Since the economy of the medieval world was based almost entirely on agriculture


Please help me translate this, I have no idea where to begin! This truly needs someone bilingual! grin

"Since the economy of the medieval world was based almost entirely on agriculture and the trade of its products, these improvements resulting in surpluses, flourishing markets, and capital investment in the countryside where farms were located, which in turn contributed to greater yields. This prosperity affected the way in which landscaped was used and perceived."

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"Como la economía del mundo medieval se basaba casi enteramente en la agricultura y el comercio de sus productos, esas mejoras resultaban en excedentes y mercados prósperos, y la inversión de capitales en el campo, donde se ubican las granjas, las que a su vez contribuían a mayores producciones. Esta prosperidad afectó la manera en que esos terrenos eran usados y percibidos."

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Otra vez, muchimas gracias. De donde es usted? - d32789, OCT 22, 2009

Thank you very much for your help! I think what you said about trying to translate using my knowledge and the dictionary is really valuable advice, and I completely agree! Usually, I try to follow this method, however I am a few hours into working on a grandote research paper for school, and am running out of steam.. However, thanks for the prod in the right direction because laziness never pays off grin.

Also, I took the phrase above from a book and am going to quote it directly and because of this I can not change the run-on sentences, etc. (I do, however, realize that translation usually means some amount of change in meaning). When writing my own thoughts in Spanish, I find it to be counterproductive to write in English and than translate that to Spanish. What do you think?

Once again, thanks for your reply!

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Let me see if I can guide you in the best way to use our translation device here at Span¡shD!ct. But, before you do that, I think you need to re-write your English version into smaller sentences. The translator will work best if it does not have to deal with compound and run-on sentences. Consider this as a re-write:


The economy of the medieval world was based almost entirely on agriculture and the trade of its products. Markets flourised. The trade and markets resulted in money surpluses. These money surpluses were plowed back into the country farms. This circle of agricultural harvest, trade, payment for goods and reinvestment contributed to even better crop yields. This growth prosperity affected the way in which the highest and best use of land was perceived.

    Don't accept this as it is written if you feel there is a better way to express yourself in your short essay. However, if you rewrite it, use short sentences. One idea is one sentence. Don't use joiner words like "and". Don't use commas, colons and semi-colons to run on when a sentence should be ended. This will all help when you have to use the translation system.

O.K., let's translate it. I suggest you open a new document in your word processing program where you will be able to record the results of your work. I also suggest you open another copy of your internet browser to make working back and forth between your word processer and the translator easier. Keep in mind, you do not want to meddle with this page except to select (highlight) and copy the English sentences from this page to the translator.

One way to open the translator tool is this. Hold down the shift key on the keyboard. While depressing the shift key, "click" on the "Translation" tab in the blue menu bar at the top of the screen. Do not use the orange translate button at the very top of the blue menu bar.

Now, the translation device should be open in a new browser window.

Go to the window which is displaying your written essay. Select (highlight) and copy one sentence. Go back to the Translation browser window and "paste' the copied sentence into the translator. Now "click" on the orange "English to Spanish" button on the translation page.

The translator will present 3 choices for translation. If you are lucky, they will all be the same. But, probably they will not be the same. You must choose or "mix and match" from among the Spanish words presented what you think is the best of the translation possibilities. "Copy" and "paste" the translation you decide to choose into your word processing program.

Repeat this process for each of the individual sentences in your essay.

This is how you begin. This is how you develop a working basis for your Spanish version of your essay. When you have decided on a complete Spanish version, copy it back into one of the "Reply" windows here and ask for help in finalizing it. Give it your very best effort. We really are a learning community and we want to help you. We do feel strongly that you will learn more and understand more if we help you to help yourself.

Give it your best shot.

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