What is the best way to learn Spanish in Argentina?

What is the best way to learn Spanish in Argentina?


I moved to Argentina to travel and learn a new language. I am from Canada and speak only English. I am finding it very difficult to pick up Spanish. I am trying very hard by making friends with locals, taking Spanish lessons from a local teacher, participating on this website and listening to Spanish tapes.

Is is there anything else I can do to speed up my learning. I feel like I am getting very minimal results even though I am surrounded by people who speak the native tongue.

I'm not simple so I was thinking that because I am living in Buenos Aires someone like me could get away with Speaking English where so many people do speak English as well. I am also living with my girlfriend so I think it is easy for me to fall back into speaking English with her when I feel a little overwhelmed.

Anyone have any suggestions?



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The biggest thing different in Argentina is that they don't use "usted". They use "vos", similar to Spain. Todo el mundo ahi es "vos" Bueno...eso es lo mas distincto en Argentina. Otra que esto, cuando saludas a alguen por la calle, lo saluda con un beso por la mejilla. Un besito, na mas. No seguro cual, pero eso es la mas comun cuando encontrar a una persona que le presenta en una situacion...este...como se dice...en una manera sociedadoso. Pero, asi que tu eres Norte Americano, ellos van a encontrarte con la mano. Eso es. wink

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vos is a substitute for tú; not usted (no tuteo, but voseo) - 0074b507, OCT 10, 2009
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I lived in Spain and spoke English with my Swedish roommate all the time. I would recommend that you encourage your girlfriend to help you speak only Spanish. It should be a team effort. I'm assuming you are only there for a minimal amount of time, so take advantage of every moment you have there. Also you could volunteer at a school or a place with children. They are not judgmental and are easy to understand. All I can say is even if you are stressed out and tired don't give in to English OK? Have fun, I am very jealous of you.

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Los españoles jamás usan "vos" en vez de “usted”. Utilizan “tú” en vez de “usted.” “Vos” en Argentina y varios otros países como Nicaragua quiere decir nomás “tú.”

Tal vez te habías confundido con la palabra “vosotros” que normalmente sólo se utiliza en España. Ustedes es el sustituto de vosotros in América Latina.

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