Why is it that jugar is conjugated as juegan instead of jugan?

Why is it that jugar is conjugated as juegan instead of jugan?


I am new at conjugating verbs and this word jugar does follow the rules I am learning, which are to remove the ar and add "an" to the stem.

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"Jugar" is an irregular verb. Regular verbs keep their base, but many verbs in Spanish have irregular base forms. This means their bases change when conjugated for certain subjects.

For example, a regular -AR verb is conjugated by dropping the -AR and adding the appropriate conjugation suffix. "Viajar" has a base of "viaj-"

Viajar: - Yo viajo - Tú viajas - Él/Usted/Élla viaja - Nosotros viajamos - Vosotros viajáis - Ustedes viajan

An irregular -AR verb, like "jugar", will change its base when it gets conjugated. The base "jug-" changes to "jueg-".

Jugar - Yo juego - Tú juegas - Él/Usted/Élla juega - Nosotros jugamos - Vosotros jugáis - Ustedes juegan

Notice that the base does not change for the nosotros (we) and vosotros (familiar plural you) forms. This is common among irregular verb conjugations.

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Other common verbs that change their stem in the yo, tú, el/ella/usted y ellos/ellas/ustedes form are:

almorzar - to eat lunch

morir - to die

aprobar - to approve

mostrar - to show

mover - to move

contar - to tell, to count

probar - to prove, to taste

costar - to cost

recordar - to remember

resolver - to solve

volver - to return (from someplace)

dormir - to sleep

sonar - to sound, ring

encontrar - to find

soñar to dream (about)

morder - to bite

volar - to fly

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Te Vi Juguetear

This is probably the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

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I agree with you. The way jugar is conjugated just doesnt seem right Somebody must have made a mistake a few centuries ago or something like that. People must have gotten more timid since then, and nobody has had the balls to change it back. That's my theory.

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