Why is there a limit on the number of edits?

Why is there a limit on the number of edits?


This seems to be unnecessary - especially when I have made a mistake in my own posting and can't correct it.

Also it would be nice to have a Spellchecker we can use when posting.

I have 10 thumbs and made three mistakes while writing this.

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There is a limit to the number of edits because I think we don't want people to get too carried away editing things and completely changing what the original user meant. There probably shouldn't be a limit to the number of times you can edit your own stuff. I'll tell Chris, but since all the interns and Chris went back to school, the chances of serious programming getting done is pretty small. My advice is to check the grey box under the text box to see if everything looks like you want it to look. Proofread before submitting. This is advice I need to follow myself too. I always catch errors only after I have submitted the text or video to the public raspberry

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Don't we all Paralee - it is part of the human condition. - ian-hill, OCT 6, 2009

Yes, I learned quickly there is a limit of about 6 edits for someone who has less than 4K reputation points. After that it's unlimited. I'm not sure why the system was designed this way...it doesn't make much sense.

As for spell checking: As I type along any misspelled words are underlined in red. I guess that's the best we've got for now.

I know that we had two interns (Troph was one) who were fixing bugs and adding improvements to the site, but I think they've gone back to school. :-(

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I don't think my spelling mistakes are underlined in red as I type. - ian-hill, OCT 6, 2009
It depends on your web browser. I use Firefox and I know it underlines my misspelled words or I would never type anything correctly. - Paralee, OCT 6, 2009

I have no answer for the number of edits.If you use google there is a spellcheck on the bar at the top. It will highlight my errors as I type in this program if I click on it..

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Yes, I have the Google toolbar too. - --Mariana--, OCT 6, 2009
Not me - that is why. - ian-hill, OCT 6, 2009
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